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Please note that sometimes there are result updates posted without any comment here, so do check the appropriate section for up-to-date information.

17 March - Results coming in for tonights' games. Updates tonight until around 11pm.

14 March - Scores for all games in by this morning so updates went up then.

13 March - Results starting to come in so updates tonight until around 11pm.

11 March - Second Sunday Cup score online. Exeter Snooker Club will meet Horse & Groom C in the Final, Sunday 9 June.

10 March - Most Singles results now in and online. Hopefully the Pairs and Mixed Pairs draws will be online later today. (Update - Now online)

7 March - No Individual results received so far so no real updates yet.

Pairs and Mixed Pairs draws will be online as soon as a couple of slight problems are solved.

2 March - The Sunday Cup draw went up on Friday, I forgot to mention it! Results and table updates to follow when I get some.

1 March - Couple more Wednesday results and updated tables.

28 February - Finally received the Individuals draw and it it now online in Competitions or Wednesday or as a Pdf download. Will attempt to contact everyone but if you know someone taking part, please let them know as well.

More Wednesday results online as well.

27 February - Still chasing the Singles and Sunday Team Cup details. Hope to have them later today.

Some Wednesday results now online.

24 February - Sunday results and tables should be up later depending on the results coming in on time.

Results starting to come in now.

Just noticed that we are 2/3rds of the way through the fixtures (10 left) although there are four weeks added with Cup games and holidays before we finish in June.

22 February - Final score received, results and table updated.

21 February - Scores from last night now online. Tables to follow later when a fault is sorted out. (Update - no fault, table not updated properly last week!)

20 February - Results will be late tonight as I am having a rare weeknight out.

18 February - Last score in so results and tables updated.

17 February - Trying to find out why one score was missing last Sunday. Hopefully have some news later. (Match postponed but message went astray somewhere).

Reminded the Competitions Secretary that the next round of the Singles is due soon.

Tonight's results will appear as they are received.

15 February - Results in for all Wednesday games and tables updated.

14 February - All but one score in now so results and tables updated.

13 February - Wednesday updates will follow later.

One result missing from Sunday for some reason, so if anyone knows the Nelson v Allstars score, please let me know.

11 February - Further Sunday results online. Snooker Club v Railway Club fixture was reversed for whatever reason.

10 February - Latest Sunday updates.

7 February - All but one Wednesday score in now.

6 February - Allstars DT v Black Horse postponed. All other results will appear when received.

3 February - Sunday results and table updates as received tonight (up to 11pm anyway). - First results coming in now.

31 January - Last of the Wednesday results now in and tables updated.

29 January - We are now in the second half of both Sunday and Wednesday seasons. Wednesday results and table updates as I get them.

28 January - Final scores for Sunday in now. Results and tables updated.

27 January - Sunday results starting to come in now (10.30).

25 January - All the Wednesday Cup results in now.

23 January - Cup results starting to come in so updates as they appear.

20 January - Results in for all four matches so results and tables updated online nice and early tonight!

17 January - All but one result in now so updated and corrected results/tables now online.

16 January - Updates for results received tonight (and Thursday morning!).

14 January - Rest of the results in for Sunday.

13 January - We regret to announce that the Horse & Groom D team have withdrawn from Sunday Division Two. Tables and fixtures have been amended.

The Duke of York A team (Wed) will probably be changing their name to the Black Horse. Just need to check up on this.

10pm - Results starting to come in now.

10 January - All but one result now in so Wednesday updated.

9 January - Wednesday results and tables online.

6 January - After a pleasant couple of weeks off pool (only off work 3 days!) it's back to the usual grind.

The Duke of York (Wednesday) have informed me today that they have relocated to the Black Horse, Longbrook Street, owing to problems at their old venue.

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